Guide to Online Casinos

Real Money vs. Free Play at Online Casinos

One of the nice features at almost all online casinos in the 21st Century is the option to play the games for free. With very few exceptions, you can try out all of the slots and table games with play money, giving you a taste of the action before committing real money. Naturally, the online casinos would like it if you eventually became a real money customer, which is why they offer free play in the first place.

How Real Money and Free Play Work and How to Switch Between Them

When you visit almost any online casino website for the first time, one of the things you can't help but see is a link that enables you to download the casino software to your computer. Doing so allows you to access free play for the casinos that offer it, provided you are willing to register for a free account. This entails picking a user name and password and entering some other basic information just as you would for many other kinds of websites. Once registration is complete, picking free play will give you a starting bankroll of play money with which to check out the games.

Free play games are as close as possible to their real money counterparts in order to give new players a feel for what they are like. Rules are the same, valid wagers are the same, and so on. If you run out of play money, there is usually an option to reload for more, though it's not uncommon for there to be a limit on how often you can reload in the course of a single day. No matter how much play money you collect, it can't be exchanged for real money.

As you try out the free play mode, you may be prompted with pop-up windows or links asking if you want to try your luck at real money gaming. Since you already registered for an account and downloaded the software, you don't have to repeat those steps in most cases. If you decide you want to take the real money plunge, the online casino will walk you through your deposit options and anything else that is needed before you begin.

Free play is a great tool for the online casinos, but it can be very beneficial for you when you are just starting out in online gambling. Using the free play options at different casinos can help you determine where you'll have the most fun before you risk any of your own funds, allowing you to avoid making what could be a costly mistake.