Guide to Online Casinos

Introduction to Slots at Online Casinos

Once known as "one-armed bandits" for their trademark handles, slot machines have come a long way since they were mechanical machines with three spinning reels. Today's slots come in hundreds of different varieties, especially in online casinos. Yet no matter what kinds of twists programmers can come up with, slots remain simple and entertaining to play, and millions of people all over the world keep trying them hoping to win a big jackpot.

Types of Slots Games

When experienced players talk about slots, you'll often hear them talk about them in terms of their numbers of reels and paylines. The former refers to the number of columns on which slots symbols appear, while the latter describes how many lines can contain valid winning combinations. Another common slots term is a progressive, which is a type of game that features a jackpot that takes small amounts of money from each wager and grows until someone wins it. Progressive slots can be individual games or linked together between multiple online casinos.

How to Play Slots

Slots are among the easiest games to play in any online casino, requiring no knowledge of complicated rules or math. At the most basic level, the only decision is to pick a game that appeals to you and that is offered in the denomination at which you'd like to wager. Then it's just a matter of hitting the spin button – online slots don't have that famous arm – and hoping that the symbols fall in the correct patterns to make you a winner.

There's actually a little more to it than that, especially with today's multi-line games with a choice of betting amounts. As an example, let's consider a five reel, 20 line game. Even if it's a penny machine (meaning you could bet just one cent), the game will allow you to bet on anything from a single payline all the way up to all 20. In addition, you might be able to bet up to five coins per line. If you hit the "Max Bet" button that many games have, it would automatically wager five coins on 20 lines for a total of 100 coins – in this case, a dollar. It's important to remember that when picking a slot machine to play, as every spin could cost you a lot more than the stated denomination.

Most modern slots games also have bonus rounds, where you can pick a chest, spin a wheel, or do something other than simply spinning the reels in order to win more money, free spins, or even a big jackpot. Each bonus game has its own unique rules, and even though they are generally quite simple, it pays to be sure to take note of how to play before you start clicking on something you don't understand.

Tips for Playing Slots

The biggest single piece of advice a slots player can keep in mind is to play at the highest denomination your gambling bankroll can handle. That's because the payout percentages for higher denomination machines are generally set to pay back more money to their players than the lower ones, ensuring you'll get more bang for your buck. When it comes to progressives, keep in mind that they tend to pay out less often since they need to factor in the big progressive jackpots that someone will eventually win. They're good for chasing a big win, but regular games are more likely to let you play longer for the same amount of money.

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