Guide to Online Casinos

Introduction to Roulette at Online Casinos

Few casino games have as much visual appeal as roulette, with its spinning wheel and ball and stacks of brightly colored chips all over the betting layout. Online casinos can convey that same feeling even without the physical props, and the constant motion of the game make it a fun one for all types of players. Playing online can be easier, too, as the games generally explain all the different betting options available and make it simpler to place those wagers as well.

Types of Roulette Games

Roulette hasn't spawned quite the same number of variants as other table games like blackjack, but there are two common types that can be found in many online casinos. The most familiar kind is known as American or double zero roulette, so named because there is both a zero and a double zero on the wheel. European roulette has only a single zero, making the odds on certain kinds of bets slightly better for players. A more recent development that is worth looking for is a progressive jackpot roulette game that offers a bonus bet that can pay off big if the same number comes up on consecutive spins.

How to Play Roulette

A roulette player's lone responsibility is to place bets equal to or greater than the table's minimum betting requirement in an acceptable amount of time. On a physical roulette table, the dealer will call “No more bets” before the ball begins to slow, waving his or her hands over the betting layout to signify that further wagers are prohibited. Online roulette games simply stop you from clicking to place more bets, accomplishing the same thing.

In addition to bets placed on individual numbers (called straight up bets in roulette lingo), there are numerous other wagers that can be made on any given spin of the ball. Bets can be placed on two, four or six numbers grouped together on the layout, winning smaller amounts than straight up bets if any of them hit. Even larger groups of numbers can be selected using the outside spots on the layout, including the columns, first, second or third 12, even or odd, and black or red. The outside bets offer a much greater chance to win something in exchange for lower payouts – as little as 1:1 for even-odd or black-red bets.

The minimum betting requirement can be satisfied by spreading bets over multiple numbers. For example, on a $10 roulette game, it's possible to place five $2 bets or even 10 $1 bets and still be okay. Even so, the house edge in roulette is fairly large, and even higher on the American tables with both zeroes turning most bets on the layout into losers when they come up. It is possible to bet on the zeroes themselves, though those tend to be some of the worst bets to place from a mathematical perspective.

Tips for Playing Roulette

Since roulette is even more of a game of chance than other table games like blackjack or craps, there really isn't such a thing as a “right” way to play it. Some people have success covering large groups of numbers close together on the layout, hoping that those numbers will hit more often than the others. This can be effective on a physical wheel that might have a small bias of some sort, but it doesn't work on online games that are controlled by random number generators that are free of bias. One thing to avoid is to bet based on the board that shows the results of the last 20 or so spins, as these numbers are no more likely to come up than any others going forward.