Guide to Online Casinos

Introduction to Keno at Online Casinos

Sharing some similarities with both bingo and lotteries, keno is a passive number picking game that was once very popular in the American gambling strongholds of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. It's faded quite a bit over the years in those places, but it's made a resurgence of sorts thanks to online casinos. Keno is a game that doesn't ask people to memorize rules or learn any type of strategy, making it perfect for beginners or people who like to multi-task with other activities while doing some online gaming.

Types of Keno Games

There isn't a lot of variety when it comes to keno games, as most online casinos offer very similar takes on keno. Most of the features found that differentiate it from one casino to another revolve around the speed at which you can play the next round (also called a race). Players can often find online casino games that permit the same set of numbers to be wagered for multiple consecutive rounds, eliminating the need to mark numbers every time a new round begins. The graphics and sound effects can also be quite different at various online gambling sites.

How to Play Keno

During each round of online casino keno, a random number generator picks a certain amount of numbers – sometimes 15, but up to 20 in some places – between one and 80. Before the numbers are drawn, players each pick a group of numbers that they believe will come up. In physical casinos, players would mark the numbers on cards in a manner not unlike bingo players marking numbers drawn in that game. For online play, it's usually a matter of clicking on the desired number or numbers.

As a keno player, your decisions include not just which numbers to pick but also how many. Since getting all 15 or 20 numbers correct is almost impossible (even going 15 for 20 is about a 1-in-42 million chance), online games generally ask you to pick between four and numbers, or spots. The more spots that you hit, the higher the payout you'll receive for your wager. Like video poker games, keno games can have pay tables that vary from casino to casino, so hitting eight out of 15 spots doesn't necessarily pay the same amount of money on a $1 wager everywhere.

Speaking of wagers, keno is usually played for relatively small stakes. Since the house edge is so big on keno, online casinos know they are making a large profit on every round played, so they don't mind making that money a little bit at a time. There are also keno games that allow wagering on multiple rounds at one time, which is another reason the casinos don't mind keeping the minimum bets low.

Tips on Playing Keno

Experienced gamblers asked to provide advice on keno would probably say, “Don't play.” That's because the house edge, or the expected amount the casino expects to win on every round of keno, is one of the largest you'll find in any casino game. that being said, keno remains popular because it takes little skill and can be relaxing and leisurely to play. If those factors win you over, the best tip is to decide if you want to play as long as possible or go for the biggest win. If its the former, consider picking less spots per round so you can wager less and win more often. For the latter, pick the maximum number of spots allowed – and good luck.