Guide to Online Casinos

Download vs. No Download Online Casinos

Historically, playing games at online casinos has meant downloading some software to your computer. More and more, though, many casinos are offering players a chance to play games right in a web browser without having to download anything. As you might expect, there are reasons why each type of casino program might be preferable.

Pros and Cons of Download and No Download Casinos

The traditional online casino program (also called a client) is downloaded from the casino's server to the player's computer. This means the player's computer does almost all of the work, and the speed and quality of the games can be dependent on the power of that computer. An internet connection is still necessary for the client to communicate with the server, but the speed of that connection is less of a factor. Download casinos tend to have broader game selection, and those games can feature more complex graphics and richer sound.

In contrast, no download casinos present their games inside a web browser window. The player's computer has none of the information stored on it, and the casino's computers are responsible for doing the processing that brings the games to life. No download games can be played on less powerful computers as a result, though the speed of the player's internet connection matters more. The tradeoff is that no download games have to be less complicated as a result, and often are limited to slots and simple table games like blackjack.

Increasingly, online casinos are using a blend of both download and no download games to allow players to have more options. The idea is that people might opt for the download for their personal computers at home while using the no download games on public computers or their laptops when they are out and about. The casinos require just one account to play either type of game, which also helps make things easier for players. With the rise of mobile devices, no download games can sometimes be played on browsers on tablets and smartphones too, though specific versions of games intended for mobile users have become increasingly widespread.

Choosing between download and no download games boils down to a matter of personal preference. Security, computer power, internet speed and game selection are all factors to keep in mind, but the nice thing about current online casinos is that you don't have to pick one and stick with it.